Yik Yak Logo Redesign Project


Original Design






I decided to redesign this logo because it lacks representation of the company’s focus. The colors and text are harmonious with each other, but the yack icon throws off the balance. My vision is to illustrate an image accurately describes the purpose of the company.

Research Notes:

Description of the Company:

 Yik Yak is a social media based app available for smartphone devices; it functions by granting individuals the ability to view and create post discussions in a semi-anonymous fashion within a 5 mile radius.

“Yik Yak makes the world feel small again by giving you a feed of all the casual, relatable, heartfelt and silly things people are saying around you.”
-Official Website, http://www.yikyak.com


The app was founded by Furman University graduates, Tyler Droll and Brooks Buffington. Droll and Buffington started collaborating with each other when they attended a class where they learned how to code iPhone apps. After graduating, they decided to work on a full-time project which ultimately resulted in Yik Yak releasing in November 2013. The application was written in Java and Objective-C.

Yik Yak Beta Sketches

Beta Sketches










Yik Yak logo 1

Attempt #1

I began this process in Photoshop by using the rectangular marque tool to frame the iconic cyan and white colors. I used the eye dropper tool to accurately capture the exact colors. The color sources are from the logo and screenshot seen above.  Next I downloaded the text font used to make the original logo known as “Avenir LT Std” and imported it into my InDesign folder. I finished crafting the image on InDesign by using the font to recreate the “Yik Yak” lettering. The finishing touch was typing a V in gray then duplicated it upside down. This allowed the v’s to look like the up vote and down vote icons.

Yik Yak logo 2.jpg

Attempt #2

For my second design I decided to use a more simplistic approach; I reversed the color scheme of the last attempt and whited out the Yack’s head. I placed the text in between the horns to add in symmetry that the original design lacked. This attempt was strictly made on Photoshop.


Yik Yak logo 3

Attempt #3

For my final attempt I chose a design that didn’t contain any text. I drew a cartoon yack holding a cell phone since it effectively symbolizes the app. I showed the first attempt on yik yak and the biggest critique was the absence of the mascot itself; this gave me the conclusion to include the yack in addition to drawing it using the Yik Yak app. This process was done entirely on photoshop with the use of the paint and hape marquee  tools.



About Joshua Shane Williams

Aspiring artist and graphic designer free lancing as well experimenting various mediums. Founder of Joshane Comics™ as well the creator of many characters and logos.
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