Character Bios: Joey Pescotti


A daily series starting today showcasing my characters and their origins. First up is Joey Pescotti (pronounced: PEH-SKO-TEE) ; he is one of my older characters that went through many alterations up to what you see below. If it’s not obvious enough, he’s based on a caricature of myself and is the official mascot of Josh Comics. You can pretty much this call this guy my Mickey Mouse.


So Joey like most of the characters you’ll see later on started out as a doodle I made in classes during high school. He looked totally different from what he is today since the character was random sketches of what I looked like back then. This was back in 2010 during the second half of my freshman year. Joey didn’t even have a name he was just known as “Wise Guy” or “Toon Boy” and would be drawn in styles of various cartoons. It wasn’t until 2013, my senior year of high school when he finally gained his identity of “Joey Pescotti the Island King.” He was even featured as animated short in a college project. Ever since then he became the face of my animation and comic series and maybe even this blog.

Back Story

Once upon a time in a post-apocalyptic world was a five year old boy who was alone in a destroyed city with no memory. He wandered towards a nearby beach where he found a magical clam that granted him the wish to recreate the world in his image. This is how he took on the persona and new name of Joey Pescotti the Island King. He lived in a tropical paradise where he explores the brand new world around him with endless adventure.


Joey Pescotti


About Joshua Shane Williams

Aspiring artist and graphic designer free lancing as well experimenting various mediums. Founder of Joshane Comics™ as well the creator of many characters and logos.
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