Character Bios: Rosie


As promised, here’s the second post for today. The newest member to the Josh Comics family, Rosie! I didn’t come up with a last name yet and probably never will. Anyways it’s kinda funny how I created Rosie along with her series and I’ll get straight to that. So let’s not waste any time; were diving right into her origin.


So last year I came to realization that I have little to no female protagonists in my franchises. On day I came across a picture that gives you an anime title based on your initials. Naturally since mine are JSW, the results were “Neon Robot Ultimate” and the rest is history. I wanted to make a series that was obviously influenced by anime, and the first thing that came to mind was Neon Genesis Evangelion due to the similar title. At the same time I wanted to use an all female cast similar to the likes of Sailor Moon and other magical girl anime. The ending result was to mash the two ideas together in addition to adding Starfox to the mix. I did this by making them mercenaries who hunt down intergalactic criminals. One last detail, Rosie is named after Rosie the maid from the Jetsons and her design is heavily inspired by her. This will be a common theme in NRU.

Back Story

Far away in a distant galaxy, is an organization know as the Neon Robot Ultimate project. There is where young women train to become expert robot pilots and technicians. One in particular, Rosie plans to bring honor to her deceased mother and takes her place as a leader in the head squadron. With her new team mates Vickie, Jenny, and Gladys, the NRU rise to action to rid the universe of evil.





About Joshua Shane Williams

Aspiring artist and graphic designer free lancing as well experimenting various mediums. Founder of Joshane Comics™ as well the creator of many characters and logos.
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