Character Bios: Zack Zapper


Here’s the second half of the super hero double feature (a few hours late). This time it’s Zack Zapper, the sharp witted prankster with the electric personality. This character got a major makeover since he was first thought of. I’ll get more into detail when we talk about origin. These intros are getting shorter every day.


Zack has some seniority among the Josh Comics community; I actually made him back in middle school during the winter of seventh grade (2007). Back then his name along with design was totally different and his name was Ray Lectric. Clearly I scrapped this in favor for a another Ray. Zack was later revised with the current design and name for a certain project in art class. Remember when I said I trashed a character idea in favor of Shin the Lil’ Ninja? Yeah it was poor Zack Zapper that got the boot. Fortunately, I decided to give more attention to him and updated his design some more. Whenever I need cool super hero portraits to make Zack Zapper is the first one I call.

Back Story

McCormick High’s wise cracking trouble maker, Zack Zabawski found himself some trouble with the football team as they chased him down after school. It was a ferociously stormy afternoon when suddenly Zack was suddenly struck by lightning. The next day he woke up and discovered he could control electricity as he over charged the machines in the hospital room. Later on he left and went home to modify an old Halloween costume into a super hero suit. Crime started to run rapid, and it was up to the newly born Zack Zapper to stop it.



About Joshua Shane Williams

Aspiring artist and graphic designer free lancing as well experimenting various mediums. Founder of Joshane Comics™ as well the creator of many characters and logos.
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