Team Chic: Fashion or Sinister Passion?


In the Xonorb Region, there is peace and harmony; a perfect urban community filled with Pokemon, attractions and busy people. Suddenly out of nowhere, erected a fresh new fashion empire known as “Team Chic.” The flashiest, most vibrant cast of characters seen by the human eye. They took the region by storm with their clothing line and accessories.  Their motto is to have primary power with primary color.

SJ 3


The Admins

Stepping into the spotlight come Delilah and Goliath, the top models for the Chic brand; Delilah has an ice cold demeanor with a cunning Weavile to match, on the other hand Goliath the big man of the scene has a burning passion assisted by his trusty Houndoom. Together they’re a devilish duo that is a force to be reckoned with in and out of battle.


The CEO Lu

Last but not least, the head honcho Lu. He’s a strong and stoic figure; however, at the same time he possesses an extravagantly colorful personality. The animated Lu offers Pokemon and clothes for an affordable price. His philosophy is: “There are two sides of the world; light and dark, I wish to merge the two.” What exactly is his deal and what does it mean for the future?






About Joshua Shane Williams

Aspiring artist and graphic designer free lancing as well experimenting various mediums. Founder of Joshane Comics™ as well the creator of many characters and logos.
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